Thursday, June 26, 2008

me doy la bienvenida al... BLOGSPOT.

Look, ma, I trekked aalll the way over from my own itsy bitsy domain for... Blogspot.

Why move? Because it was simply a pain to keep up appearances on a domain that I felt no passion for any more. Doing everything myself to maintain something that had little direction and purpose was difficult. Not to say I don't like webdesign, but now is not the time nor place.

In any case, it's summer, and unlike last year I will not be participating in any shows downtown. After five productions over the course of nine months, I'm a little theater-burnt out. After all I have much to be excited about and agonize over next year. You must understand that theater is a constant love-hate relationship that you're just too committed to get out of. The times that you love it are full of passion and wild days, but even in the times of hate you're afraid that you amount to nothing without them and just can't let go.

Dramatic, I know; But it comes with the territory.

So what are my summer plans instead? Likely Portland and LA in August. In the meantime, lots of watching lame-ass I Love the New Millenium (sans the two and a half years we've yet to complete for the decade, VH1) and culinary delights.

What has arisen in the kitchen meanwhilst? Many things, but the last photographically-documented treat was My Sweet Vegan's Cookies 'n' Cream Pound Cake that I made last month. I have had a great deal of difficulty with pound cake the last few times I've tried. I don't know if it's my glass loaf pan or what. Perhaps splitting the batter into two next time? In any case, the latest disaster was I could not, after many toothpick-testing attempts and fifteen minutes extra in the oven, detect any uncooked batter and removed it from the oven. Upon trying to remove it after some cooling, the loaf split in half. So I chopped it up and served it to my castmates anyway, where it was promptly devoured.

Cookies 'n' Cream Pound Cake... Too Eagerly Removed Cookies 'n' Cream Pound Cake... Too Eagerly Removed
an unfortunate accident... in terms of presentation.

In addition, I've been trying to eat more raw meals and finally bought Ani's Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo a few weeks ago. The whole process of raw food is fascinating to me, such as the sprouting of grains and seeds as well as the the use of dehydrators. I love the cooking process too much to currently be a raw foodist, but the idea of more fresh, raw foods is logical. Though the starchiest grain and a pain to rinse, I've been sprouting mostly buckwheat groats, which make a really nice raw pizza crust. Unfortunately the last batch I made went moldy much quicker than previous batches while I was trying a rinsing/storing method that seemed to drain the groats more efficiently.

Sprouted Buckwheat Groats
previous pre-mold sprouting conditions

Oh, and how could I neglect to mention - I currently anxiously await the release of an apparently amazing vegan whipped topping being developed on one hand by Julie Hasson. Stay tuned on that front, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Aw, sorry the pound cake wasn't picture-perfect. It could be the loaf pan, since I never use glass, and I know that does make a difference in the final product. I hope you still liked the taste anyway!

Veronica said...

It was indeed awesome in terms of taste. And if I could trust myself around a box of Oreos enough to buy some, I would definitely give it another try.

But I've recently had some luck with the pans and whole wheat bread, so that's nice.