Saturday, September 6, 2008

"but what about eggs? EVERYONE eats eggs?!"

Can anyone guess what's missing?



Did somebody ask... where do I get my protein? *Collective vegan (pity) laughter.*

All veganism hilarity aside (though "Steven" isn't really a vegan - you can check out the backstory at the bottom of this Satya back article), fuck YouTube.

And by that, I mean fuck people on YouTube. Snarky commenters do not exclusively troll the largely ignored but far too often spammed with narrow-minded notions comments page on YouTube. They troll and spam most any site with a comments option. I get most frustrated with YouTube punks, though, because it's more frustrating to read some fool using the barrier of "teh interwebs" to attack someone who has put themselves out there with a video. Count "Steven the Vegan" pages aside, which features some gems from the classic ring of shameless, selfish, cholesterol-through-the-roof, bacon-hugging, use-the-internet-as-a-defense-mechanism commenters, including but not limited to some sad fuck who was sweet enough to go through all the trouble of enumerating some collective of diabetes articles just to share his wealth of knowledge against veganism. You can come across just about any video, be it as innocent as an attempt at personal video blogging or your video tour of Central Park pretzel carts, and those homebodies with nowhere to go and nothing to do but vent their self-loathing across WiFi towers will surely have tagged it with their self-indulgent slander.

And every time I see it, I wan't to post something just as snarky and just as mean in return. But I never do, because those commenters forget one thing.

No one reads their BS. Oh, correction: No one cares.

Cough, cough... ahem. Anyway, I'll probably have something more relevant to post tomorrow/next week.


Anonymous said...

Sigh, I know, YouTube commenters are the worst.. I was honestly terrified when I found my cooking demo posted up there, because my skin just isn't that thick- I can only take so much criticism! Luckily, nothing too bad yet... Although I do keep checking it to make sure nothing comes up. Ah, the anxiety.

Veronica said...

They're awful! I used to make fanvids for kicks, and I put up a video for an English project. The first review was the worst. I was irritated because it's not like I made it for them! I haven't checked a single comment on it since and that was like two years ago.

Entitled to your own opinion, yadda, yadda... few of those lashing-out comments are justified.