Tuesday, October 21, 2008

where's that cupcake?

Another month has passed so quickly, and precious tasks have been eluding me left and right in a busy whirlwind. I still mean to get my "Iron Cupcake:Cheese" entry up - I made a fairly festive, very simple, muy delicioso treat. However, in my effort to minimize the amount of leftover treats - I still have Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes in the freezer from last month! - I baked the "cupcakes" in large six-muffin tins instead of a twelve-muffin one. The cupcakes may have been pulled a little prematurely as a result, and a few fell right apart upon removal.

That, and I made them late at night with no desire to photograph, and by morning's effort they just weren't as pretty. But by the looks of it, I may have to stick with the really, really shitty photographs. Until later, then!

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