Monday, December 22, 2008

snow survivor.

In my near seventeen years living this side of the Cascades, never have I seen this much snow. It's outrageous. I haven't really been able go beyond ten minutes of my home since Tuesday. These shots were taken just a few days ago to demonstrate just how much it has piled on, but has snowed even more since.

Snow Days

Snow Days

Yet, I'm surviving. How? The sugar-induced holiday baking highs, of course. Now that times are tight for all of us, there is no better or quicker (or more foolproof, when you lack the basic patience or talent for handcrafts as I do) homemade gift than baked goods. And that's no revelation - likely anyone who reads this has sent off their tins of shortbread and peppermint bark weeks ago. I personally love to bake plentiful batches of biscotti; characterized by being "better with age" they travel well when freshness is not as big an issue. Not to mention there's nothing I love more than dipping the leftovers in my morning coffee.

And the testing continues! Our latest mission from Hannah has been Persimmon Blondies. However, with the aforementioned terror that is our current icy road situation I haven't been able to search very far for the elusive fruit. One of Hannah's substitution suggestions was applesauce, though, which I happened to have plenty of on hand.

Apple Blondies

The verdict? INCREDIBILITY. Serious. Between the unusual spice addition, the fudginess, the inability to go wrong with a healthy dose of chocolate chips, these bars are blowing my freaking mind. Do I feel this way because attempt after attempt of homemade blondies have disappointed in the past? Could it be because I'll eat anything warm, stuffed with gooey chocolate, and sandwiched with ice cream? Whatever it may be, these hit a home run with me. I'd love to try these using the persimmons, but at the moment I don't believe I'm lacking any of its intended melodious, spicey, and fudgy outcome. Easy, came together well, baked well - beautiful.

Apple Blondies

Switching gears for a moment, I would like to leave you with the Feather. A very resourceful cat she may be, and I don't blame her for seeking out the warmest spot available even when she has more than one large and cushy cat bed lying about the house. But for readers of Fail Blog, I'd call the cable box an epic bed fail.


Anonymous said...

Oh, great pictures! It looks like them came out perfectly, even without the persimmons! :)

Vegan_Noodle said...

I couldn't find persimmons either! I made mine with pumpkin... yours look delicious!

Lovliebutterfly said...

Those blondies look great!