Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the oregon country fair: a recap.

So here's a good story. This will be my 19th post. I know that's shameful; that averages to what, three-quarters of a post a month?! Anyway, the blog has been around for almost one year, one month. The funny part (besides the part where I haven't really bothered or noticed how long the blog's been around) is that June 26th, 2008 was the date of my first post, and June 26th, 2009 is the date of my last post just prior to this one. I hadn't even noticed!

...And by *good* story, I meant lame and sidetracked.

I mostly wanted to check in because I plan on making a solid effort in this blog's upkeep. Kind of like a really, really belated/lazy New Year's resolution. Yeah, kind of like a New Year's resolution - for the blog's New Year next eleven months!

Oregon Country Fair 2009Moving right along without the pretense of a segue, I had been camping a couple weeks ago in Veneta, OR for the 40th annual Oregon Country Fair (which I'd been excitedly updating with if you follow me on "The Twitter"*). The Fair is like... what my summer is for. One glorious, indulgent, free-spirited, worry-free, peaceful, open weekend in July. It's hippy-fest to the nth degree for sure, but nowhere else do you meet the most interesting, open-minded, friendly people. And I do mean "you do meet." You will have fun and be interesting and meet interesting people. I don't care if you were there for three-hours or the whole three-day shebang. That is what happens.

Of course, the ultimate experience is the campsite. Zumwalt, one of just a few campgrounds close by, is by far the best. It is the largest, the only one with a shuttle to the fair itself, a water-truck, and a waterfront for bathing and swimming. And the people? Oh, there will be partying. You will get to know your fellow campers. You will experience Camp Canada at the far end of Zumwalt. Have you seen Canadian hippies party?!

It should be noted that this isn't your typical fair. This is green-living, artsy-craftsy, extravagant-(VEGAN!)-food-vending at its finest. There are countless stages with a myriad of performers from bluegrass bands to flamenco dancers. Parades are, like, every fifteen minutes. The fair itself, after forty years of this, has worked itself into the scenery of the surrounding forest. I can't even imagine what the grounds look like when it's not that second weekend in July.

Besides the plethora of FAIR FOOD I CAN EAT?!, perhaps my favorite fair-going experience is the - and I'm going to go real greener on you - the freeness of the body. Body consciousness is quite forced out of you at OCF as is evidenced by the abundance of bare-breasted women, young and old, small and large, with elaborate chest paintings and the flowery, glimmering babies painted on the stomachs of pregnant women.

Until next year, OCF. Until next year.**

Oregon Country Fair 2009
A particularly sentimental map of OCF.

Oregon Country Fair 2009
Emma's (*my* Canadian) patriotic rub-on tattoo. It's pretty much just like a passport.

Oregon Country Fair 2009Oregon Country Fair 2009Oregon Country Fair 2009Oregon Country Fair 2009Oregon Country Fair 2009

*Can I just point out that I am FULL-BLOWN TWITTER ADDICTED. CAN WE STAGE AN INTERVENTION OR SOMETHING?! I've been sucked in to the self-indulgence that is "tweeting," so follow me if you so desire.
**As the people, vendors, and crafts are so fascinating and lovely, I ultimately failed at photographing any of the many, many vegan delicacies I purchased. My apologies.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! Love all of the photos, they're so colorful and cheerful. :)