Wednesday, October 7, 2009

whine, whine, whine.

I will warn you of this immediately: this is a fake post. Virtually cheating the MoFo. I have no picture, no recipe, no review. Nothing interesting that I found or ate or got excited about (unless you count having a very nice conversation with the TJ's cashier about organic rooibos tea), and by golly that is just not what this project is about.

I knew that my challenge would be blogging every single day, especially when I've ended up doing all the things I basically despise about a string of blog posts - no pictures, no recipes, no manifesto, no new information or much humor. I'm doing it, though! That's something, and yes, my imprisonment - erm, ahem, work schedule - has subsided until the end of the month, so hopefully I can fill all that space-time with compendiums of vegan mofo goodness! (Well, there is that awfully neglected course load that I should also make-up... *shifty eyes and defeated sigh*)

Anyway, if I've nothing else to say, can I beam about Trader Joe's a little bit more here? Some have their miffs, and although I am feeling some heavy guilt about ignoring the local co-op, you really just can't beat their selection around here. I love grocery shopping, and unlike the grimy, fluorescent wards they call markets that seem to employ only junkies and my classmates, the atmosphere there is completely, totally tolerable. The produce is plentiful and fresh, organic pricing is very reasonable, and their wide variety of generic vegan products includes "gel cups" ("Jell-O"), a selection of meatless products including soyrizo, and soy creamer. The packaging is very clearly labeled vegan-friendly, too. Because their new store near me is now located right next to a Barnes and Noble, the bookstore features a little Pacific Northwest section in the cookbook aisle with a couple "Cooking With Trader Joe's" tomes. My goal is to scour the store, armed with the excuse of "experimentation," and grabbing anything vaguely interesting in attempt to replicate such a volume.

Until tomorrow, lovelies.

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